Product Innovation
Applying the latest technologies for the improvement of product quality, developing new product types and working with new materials.
Innovation processes
New solutions aimed at improving product quality and reducing costs at all stages of the production chain.
New business models
Introducing new services that could bring the Company financial benefits, increase market coverage, or offer new approaches to solving business problems for Severstal’s customers and employees.
Alexander Shevelev, Chief Executive Officer of Severstal
In a world of rapidly developing technologies, the success of any business depends on its ability to make the most of new opportunities. We are open to new opportunities and ready to provide our technology partners with the best conditions on the market to realise the potential of innovative ideas relevant to our business.
Agnes Ritter, CTO of Severstal
Our tech-partners appreciate the scale of the company and opportunity to become a part of the global real economy family — on the one hand, and our flexibility, ability to make decisions and implement new initiatives fast thanks to agile-instruments — on the another.
Andrey Laptev, Director of Business Development and Corporate Venture Projects of Severstal
Large production site is the best "training ground" for new technologies, and our experience in managing the successful business would create best environment to develop a project. This is what often startups don’t get access to. And Severstal is ready to provide them with all this.
Zamir Schukhov, CEO & partner GVA
Open innovations approach is a leading methodology for accelerating transformation with the forward-looking corporations. Steeltech accelerator will become an integral instrument for piloting and imbedding the cutting-edge technology in Severstal. It is a unique opportunity for innovators, working in the field, to obtain support, expertise and financing to effectively scale up their projects.
PR Severstal